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Deb and Mitch Bliss

I am so honored so have been able to meet Janesville World War II veteran, Mitch Bliss, at yesterday’s D-Day 70th anniversary ceremony. Mitch traveled to the World War II Memorial with the help of Vets Roll and Mark Finnegan.

photo 2 (11)

It was perfect weather to watch such a great performance by the Rock Aqua Jays. They put on a wonderful performance of the show that won for the team a national title.


Thursday evening was a perfect night to enjoy a picnic with rental property owners including Fred and Carol Witek and Sue Buchholz. There was lots of good conversation and amazing food. Thanks to the local rental association for the invitation.

photo 1 (10) deb

I was privileged to speak to the members of the Wisconsin Free and Charitable clinic meeting at Sauk Prairie Healthcare on Friday, May 27th. I gave a legislative update, which included more information about Act 344. Act 344 was the bill I co-wrote to help free and charitable clinics utilize more licensed providers, e.g. advanced nurse practitioners who prescribe. It was a well attended meeting, giving the clinics a time to connect and discuss new innovations and collaborate on concerns.

photo 1 (7)

Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, John Scocos, spoke at yesterday’s D-Day ceremony in the rotunda.








I had the honor of speaking with Mary Burke and Tammy Baldwin, two great women in politics, this past weekend at the Democratic convention. The candidates and delegates at the convention stressed the importance of helping working and middle class Wisconsin residents. This attitude reinforced the idea that Democrats want to fix the economy and create jobs despite Republicans simply wanting to “fix” elections.

Kolste 3

Senator Tim Cullen and I were privileged to be among the many to honor Sue Conley as she retires from Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin. I want to wish Sue all the best and to thank her and the Foundation with its many donors for all they do for Janesville and other communities.

kolste 7

Bikers at breakfast include myself, Barb Hesser, Deb Roberts, Molly Walton, Martha Shea, and Cathy Jennings.

kolste 8

At the beginning of Pie Ride: Jen, Jana and Greg

kolste 6

Runners at Abe Lincoln run Amy, Marissa and Andrea (although they forgot their formal attire}

kolste 5

Myself after the Abe Lincoln fun run.

kolste 4

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers. Here is a picture of two of my favorite dads, my husband and son.

Deb concert

I was happy to join Marie Bilek and Judy Jaggard, along with a full house, to hear Rock Prairie Community Choir present their “Patriotic Concert”. The concert was great and was a true tribute to our men and women who serve, or have served, in the armed forces. Many of the songs and readings also paid tribute to the American flag.

photo 1

Maestro Mouse directing the children’s kazoorchestra at the July 3rd concert by Rock River Philharmonic.

photo 2

The Rock River Philharmonic performing many patriotic and lovely orchestra pieces at the July 3rd concert.

photo 3

Just enjoying the music at the July 3rd concert by Rock River Philharmonic.

photo 5

Enjoying the Rotary Gardens’ Home Gardens tour. The homes were all beautiful and so tranquil. So many Rotary Garden volunteers out to help the public. Also a thank you to the home owners for their gracious hospitality.

photo 3 (4)

Rex, Ali and my new son-in-law Josh accompanied me on a tour of Oak Hill Cemetery.

photo 4 (3)

Sherry Thurner did a great job of pointing out unique headstones and some of the many adornments. It was a great tour and was so well attended.

photo 2 (10)

These are the Northern U.S. riders. These young bikers to raise awareness and money for affordable housing. We met up with them at their annual stop in Janesville where they were graciously hosted by the First Presbyterian Church. Our daughter, Ali, made this same stop several years ago when she biked with this organization. This year the organization worked on projects for Community Action Agency. At the end of the ride they will distribute grants to various projects in which they have participated.


Sunday, July 5th, we watched the many competitors as they gave a try at the “Tri” (Rock N Roll N Run).


Independence Day celebrations, mean just that, a day dedicated to celebrating our country’s independence and the founding of many freedoms that we all now enjoy. It is now a holiday were we also enjoy the celebration of family, friends and all we enjoy about summer. Having said that, here is how granddaughter Anna enjoyed her first night of fireworks.

photo 3 (5)

What a wonderful weekend to celebrate the talents of young people. My daughter, Tori, and I were able to see the School District of Janesville’s presentation of “All Shook Up”. It was a wonderful performance. Directors, Jan Knutson, Brian Knutson, Jeff Knutson and Jim Tropp, once again found and developed a great cast.

photo 1 (12)

Saturday, we had the unique pleasure of hearing an operatic performance from Patrick Terry. His countertenor voice and that of his duet partner, Adriana Zabala, a mezzo soprano were mesmerizing. We wish Patrick all the best, as he attends the Royal Academy of Music in London.

photo (4)

Cathy Myers and Nancy Keith ready for the fair and manning the Democratic Party tent.


I want to thank the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation for their endorsements of my candidacy for the upcoming general election. I also to say thanks to all the members that showed me the ropes in serving great food to lots of fair-goers. People attending the fair know where to go for great hamburgers and malts!


I have to say, that having so many Democratic primaries has made the Rock Co. Democratic Party tent a very busy place. There were so many enthusiastic candidates greeting the crowds and visiting with friends. We were ecstatic that gubernatorial candidate, Mary Burke, visited the fair and seemed to enjoy all the fun that county fairs can be.

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