Dear Neighbors:

My community is important to me and I have volunteered for children, for schools and for health care throughout my adult life. I am running for the 44th Assembly District seat because I think I can help.

I want to help struggling families and middle class people achieve better, healthier lives.  I don’t believe that more cuts to education and to health care paid for by tax breaks to corporations make sense.

I want to help make Wisconsin a great place to work and to do business.  The Republican controlled Legislature lost its focus on job creation.  Democratic measures that might have sparked job creation weren’t given hearings. The surprise attack stripping collective bargaining rights from workers was reprehensible.

I want to help restore the principle that everyone, including women, deserves equal pay for equal work.  Rep. Joe Knilans co-sponsored a bill making it harder for women to fight for equal pay.

I want to help forge mining and wetlands bills that make sense.  Mining and development are important, but polluted water and air will hurt our state and its people in the long run.  Inept leadership killed a compromise that would have produced jobs and protected the environment.

I want to help return Wisconsin to its tradition of proud democracy.  Republicans enacted voter suppression bills on the pretense of attacking voter fraud.  No evidence of organized fraud in Wisconsin’s elections exists.  There have been no cases of someone trying to vote using someone else’s identity. Meanwhile, democracy suffers from a lack of willing voters.  Rep. Knilans made another assault on democracy by signing a secrecy pledge to a bunch of lawyers.  Redistricting work that you and I paid for took place behind closed doors.

I want to help make the Legislature a place where ideas are debated. The atmosphere in the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate has turned toxic.  Debate, discussion, compromise and action in the best interests of the public have fallen victim to vicious party politics.

I have a record of working with people, reaching agreements and making progress. I am running because I think that I can be of service.  I think my background and experience will enable me to help make Janesville and Wisconsin better places to live, work and raise families.

I am asking for your vote in the August 14 primary and in the general election in November because I remain committed to helping my community and we have a desperate need for better representation.


Deb Kolste